Horsemanship Experience Day

Enjoy a day spent grooming, feeding, saddling and riding

Course takes place from 9am - 3pm

Help with catching, feeding, brushing, saddling, and 3 hours of riding for the day.

We provide a lot of instruction and hands-on experience, and supply lunch. This day is suitable for people with little horse handling or riding experience.

If you are more experienced you will get a chance to trot and canter, if safe to do so.

NOTE: Best for children over the age of 10.

Cost (per person):

Twelve years and under: $210
Over twelve $240
(You need to provide your own lunch).

Horsemanship Trainee Days
(Restricted: contact Management for details)
From 9am–4pm: $100 per day

Using Horsemanship methods, we'll teach you how to be safe around horses, and how to catch, feed, brush, saddle and clean your horse's feet.

You will learn how to trot, canter and ride separately to others, opening gates on horseback and, eventually, take part in cattle and horse mustering.