Horse & Pony Rides

Ride out with  our quiet horses and friendly guides

For first-time riders, your safety is our main concern: you will get the chance to have a trot or canter if the guide thinks it safe to do so. Experienced riders are also catered for.

All rides are led by experienced and friendly guides, and all of our staff have undertaken Working With Children checks.

For your safety, all of our senior guides are accredited with Horse Safety Australia. Our stables and site also has accreditation with Horse Safety Australia.

With our very quiet horses and friendly guides, you’re sure to have a great ride.

NOTE: All rides are a minimum of two riders. If you are a single rider you can join another group.

Horse Rides (per person)

$60 - Half hour
$80 - 1 hour
$120 - 1.5 hours
$150 - 2 hours


Ages for our horse rides are 8 yrs and up. Weight limit is 110 kgs (242 pounds).

Private ride requests, add 50% to above prices

Trail Rides:

Sunset Trail Ride

Pony and Lead Rides

intro Lead C7A9352

30 min lead ride $55

Ages for pony rides: 4 years and up. The ponies will be led by one of our staff.
If the child is less than 6 years, a parent is needed to walk beside the pony providing support for the child.