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Owners Jim and Judith Commens

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Jim and Judith Commens started Centennial Glen Stables in August 1992.

Situated on the family farm in Centennial Glen, a part of Kanimbla valley, the property has been in the Commens family since 1900.

Centennial Glen Stables started with an idea formed around the kitchen table. It was at the end of a drought, when all the cattle had been sold, and there was no work for the horses. Jim and Judith decided then and there that they would open a riding school. With two existing riding schools in the area, it was decided to offer sulky rides as a unique point of difference, but it was made pretty clear early on that horse riding was going to be the main part of the business.

The riding school was opened at the old shearing shed with 6 horses, 3 sulkies and 4 kids under the age of 11. The price of an hour ride was $12. There was a lot of trial and error for horses and riders alike and, at this stage, it was a hobby and only opened on weekends. The business slowly grew over the years, gaining a reputation across the Blue Mountains for its picturesque trail rides, experienced horse guides and quiet and well-looked after horses.

Centennial Glen Stables moved to its current location on the property in August 1998 and became the family’s main source of income in 1999. There are now over 50 riding and sulky driving horses, many more safety regulations and employs a staff of ten, with Centennial Glen Stables offering trail rides, all day horse experiences and horse agistment.

Over the years, Centennial Glen Stables has taught hundreds of people how to ride and Jim and Judith pride themselves on creating not just an experience with a horse, but a community built around horses.

Jim Commens: 0417 273 438         Judith Commens: 0438 871 193